Display 'desired temp' in FHT graps

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My FHT devices are setup by the auto configure, and so is the filelog and the plot.

I've seen some screenshot on the internet where people have added the 'desired temp' to the FHT plot.

I've read some about it on the internet, but that information is mostly in German.

Can someone help me with that?,

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Note: the following is only valid for the FileLog based SVG Plots.
There are alternetives, like DbLog based SVG Plots or the DbLog based Charting Frontend.

There is an english description at http://www.fhemwiki.de/wiki/Creating_Plots for manually creating Plots.
This is still valid, but with the current version (5.4 + update) the procedure got much easier, as described here:

I try to translate:

- define the FileLog first: the FileLog device must contain all the data you want to show in the svg-plot. If you defined an eventType device (http://fhem.de/commandref.html#eventTypes), and gave this device some time to collect its data, you will be able to expand the FileLog regexp with a drop-down mechanism, by adding all the needed regexp parts. Of course you still have the posssibility to modify the FileLog regexp by hand (by pressing the DEF link on the detail view), if you know the perl regexp syntax.

- after you have a complete FileLog definition, wait a while so that the File is populated with all the types you wish to plot.

- now use the "Create new SVG Plot" link in the FileLog details to create a new weblink for this FileLog. The .gplot file used by this new weblink will be copied, so that modifying it won't affect other files.

- you don't need the above steps, when you are modifying existing weblinks, just make sure with "set weblink copyGplotFile" that you use your unique .gplot file, so that an update won't overwrite your modifications.

- use the form seen in weblink detail-view (where you landed after clicking on the create link), and add all the lines you need. Note: a line is only added, if its label is not empty. By pressing the "Write .gplot file" button you will see the changes in the plot immediately.

- not all "manual" .gplot features are available (yet?) in this form, e.g. you cannot create lines without labels.
- check http://fhem.de/commandref.html#gnuplot-syntax first if something is unclear
- you cannot add lines when there is no matching data in the last 64k (about 1000 lines) of the FileLog
- the regexps for the lines are extracted automatically from the file to be able to present a dropdown. When modifying manually created .gplot files with this form you probably have to reset all regexps.


Wow, great new fuction!

Thanks for the help!

(took me an hour to realize I had to update, even I allready had 5.4 :*)
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