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Begonnen von Miguel, 17 Oktober 2013, 11:26:11

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Hi everyone,

I'm working with Ubuntu through a Virtual Machine, using FHEM with EnOcean products.

My problem is that I wanted to use the Floorplan option, and there's no way I get my image on the browser. I've read the tutorial PDF, downloaded correctly both files so that the Floorplans menu option appeared. Then I copied my .png image to both three folders www/images/default , www/pgm2 or FHEM, and being sure that the name is fp_name.png, and with the correct permissions on each file.

After all of that, when I click on the Floorplans menu, it appears on the left the Floorplan created such as name, but then no image is displayed, just a line with fp_name.
I've tried calling it Grundriss as the example, and nothing.

I've correctly on the fhem.cfg this code:

attr global userattr fp_name WebCmd
define name FLOORPLAN

Any ideas? Because the pdf just says: Opening your floorplan in the browser again, you now see the background-picture (maybe you need to hit F5). If the background picture does not display, check the folder to be used. And this doesn´t help at all.

Thank you


Edit: I decided to check the german pdf aswell because it was updated, and I run into the set WEB rereadicons command line. It looks like it solved it, and now I can see my image. Shouldn't it be already fixed? It seems to me a little unproffessional.


ZitatIt seems to me a little unproffessional.

It´s just a hobby project. You may feel free to correct the Manual and give it back to the community... ;o)
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Hi Miguel,
in the beginning, I thought it might be a good idea to have the installation guide both in english and in german.
However, to update with each and every enhancement
- coding
- do testing
- update commandref
- update installation guide in german
- update installation guide in english
proved quite labouros, I decided to stop updating the english installation guide. On the title sheet it should say so, right?

Anyways - it is not necessary anymore to download any files from SVN. The FLOORPLAN module gets distributed whenever you execute the command <update> on your system.  I think you should do so now 'cause you prbably downloaded an outdated version.

And bviously you found the reason for the background image not getting displayed: you need to run the command "set WEB rereadicons".

Btw it is sufficient to store the background pic in just one folder:

Do you think it'd be better to delete the english installation guide to avoid confusion? Generally, all info provided in commandref should be sufficient, right?

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Thanks UliM for your answer.

I'll say not to delete the english instalation because it's really usefull in other topics, but I'll indicate on the commandref that the english one is not updated even though it's already said in the pdf. Or maybe a little note there aswell on the 'set WEB rereadicons' thing. As you see it's better.

Thanks anyway,