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Hello all,

Seem to have a lot of questions about FHEM recently.

I would like to know if it is possible to have an actual button in fhem. I've got a few things that just require a signal when a button is pressed. At the moment I've created a dummy which triggers a notify to then turn it off again but an actual button would be nice.

Any help appreciated!



For the non-native-speaker: what is an "actual button" ?


As a native speaker I have no idea either.

My guess is that he would like a button that has no need for a notify, as one might have for a physical device.

The dummy and notify as you have requires just a few lines of notify code - though notify is very versatile and you can do much, much more with it.

Feel free to follow up in German if you prefer


I'm not being very clear. I apologise. I mean a push button like you get on dialog boxes. One where you can have different commands for when the button is first pressed and then released. Let's say for volume or increasing temperature or something. Right now everything is hyper links or the remote app (but that doesn't do beginning and end detection of a press.

Does that help clarify a bit?


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Something like that is indeed not available, and needs JavaScript AFAIK. And it has to be tested thoroughly on different platfroms like normal desktop with mouse and touch-displays.
A (somehow strange) workaround could be the slider.