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OK forget that.  I swore it generated that with just the SRword, but it needs SRset, not SRword.  My bad!


I've also added a few utterances and am having a lot more success with it.  My brain when its a bit tired doesn't use the exactly english so i found myself using "turn on livingroom lamp" etc.  I think these permutations should be added to the utterances generator.

SRset switch {tv|litdev} {on|litrea}
SRset switch {tv|litdev} {off|litrea}
SRset turn {tv|litdev} {on|litrea}
SRset turn {tv|litdev} {off|litrea}
SRset switch {on|litrea} {tv|litdev} 
SRset switch {off|litrea}  {tv|litdev}
SRset turn {on|litrea} {tv|litdev} 
SRset turn {off|litrea}  {tv|litdev}

what do people think?


Now, I'm since today also a proud owner of a german amazon Echo. I want asap integrate into my fhem home automation. Is it maybe possible, write a small step for step tutorial how the module can be used? For example with a simple "power on or off a lamp with voice command". I would also translate it into german and add it to fhem wiki for other people.

Edit: Yes, in your first thread there is a guide. But somehow I can't follow it. So a guide with some screenshots would be maybe nice.

Edit 2: Maybe for people looking for a good tutorial creating a alexa skill, should looking here


i had access to an echo dot today and have started with a fhem smart home skill.

automatic device discovery and switching of lights already works. i have nearly all the code running localy as a node.js server that is communicating with an aws lambda proxy that forwards the events. so there is no need to expose fhem itself.

using a smart home skill has the advantage that no intents and utterances have to be configured but lights and thermostats and groups/rooms are understood right out of the box.

unfortunately the smart home skill requires aws lambda. a local only server is not configurable.

but the code can be extended to include also the custom skill approach described in the first post. if using only custom skill then it would run completely local with just local node.js server exposed.

more here:,57701.msg514524.html#msg514524
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It's worth noting that the literal slot type will soon no longer be available:

ZitatImportant: English (US) skills using the AMAZON.LITERAL slot type should be updated to use custom slots. Starting February 6, 2017, you will no longer be able to use AMAZON.LITERAL when saving a new or updated skill. Existing skills that already use AMAZON.LITERAL will continue to work, but you will be unable to make any changes to the skill configuration until you remove AMAZON.LITERAL.

English (UK) and German skills do not support AMAZON.LITERAL and cannot use the AMAZON.LITERAL slot type.

I am using the echo dot to control FHEM using PHP. Amazon talks to my Linode server which then processes the commands and issues them to FHEM on a Raspi in my home.

I have documented the basics of setting up a custom private skill in a step by step alexa php example guide here :

It's very easy to adapt this to home automation with fhem.



my link from above and the fhemwiki for alexa-fhem should give you everything to coltroll fhem with alexa with a home automation and a custom skill.

unfortunately it is in german.
hue, tradfri, alexa-fhem, homebridge-fhem, LightScene, readingsGroup, ...


I read the wiki article, it made my brain melt.