Max - transmission bps, message sizes?

Begonnen von malc_b, 29 Januar 2016, 09:30:43

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Zitat von: malc_b am 30 Januar 2016, 18:26:07
Max cube.  But what are credits I haven't able to find the answer to that.  Or alternately what does adjusting the credits do?

Oh, for what I figured out...

Credits are units to limit the rf time of a transmitting device.
Kind of duty cycle: on-air/off-air
To limit/regulate the radiation of a device, the RF transmit time is limited to 1% of a circular hour cycle.

Does that make it a bit clear to you?


So if I up the credits I'm upping the 1% rule to a 2% rule (if I double the credits).  Can I change the credits on Max Cube with standard firmware?



You can only use up credits, the device is gaining them back through in-active time.

For a cube you can not alter the credit maximum for the original firmware.
You can switch to a-culfw, info: Cube with CUN firmware