MAX eq-3 with CUNX rather than MAX Cube

Begonnen von alangward, 26 September 2016, 17:43:15

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Even your cell phone got flashed (updated) every now and then...

That's right but I didn't have to open it and put a jumper on some pins  8)


Zitat von: dromer1967 am 30 Oktober 2016, 22:52:47
That's right but I didn't have to open it and put a jumper on some pins  8)

IF you can place a paperclip on some sheets, you can do this; in fact you could use the same paperclip to do the trick  8)


I haven't looked at this forum for a while.
My set up with a CUNX is working pretty well.
Certainly a lot better than the Cube it replaces.

My only problem is that I am receiving long bursts of garbage messages that sometimes swamp communication between the devices and the CUNX.
I am at a loss to know what the problem is, but they seem to be triggered by the sending of a command to turn the boiler on - not always, but there is a distinct correlation.
They are often longer than the 30 byte limit imposed by rf.moritz.c. I am thinking of hacking that to increase the limit and see what I am really receiving.

If you can believe the RSSI number, most of the messages must be fairly local, but some are further away. I live in the country so any neighbours are at a distance of several hundred metres.

I did wonder if it was due to collisions between local devices transmitting at the same time, but it carries on for too long for that to be  a reasonable assumption.

It would be reat if anybody had any ideas on this.