Pi3 enocean and fhem (BaseID not working)

Begonnen von fibbi, 27 August 2017, 19:05:22

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Did you get it running? Check if you connected the EnOcean Pi module correctly. I've fried one module by misplacing it by one pin.  :'(


Still not working.    Have you got any solution? :)


Hello Fibbi,

Did you fix your problem?, I am not an expert in FHEM but maybe I can help you from the EnOcean module side and see if the module itself is the problem. The BaseID is saved in a configuration area of the chip's memory, It could happen that this area gets damaged or corrupted and since the TCM310 is not reprogrammable then there is nothing we could do... maybe we can check if this is the case (hopefully not!!!).
In this configuration area there is also other information about the Chip, like the chip ID, can you retrieve this information? (like mentioned before I am not a FHEM expert and I do not know if there is a command to do this), please try to retrieve other information like the SW etc.
You said the module is working, this means you can see EnOcean devices around, can you also send telegrams?

Let me know :) , regards