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[FHZ] Re: Homematic
« am: 21 Januar 2008, 10:17:47 »
Originally posted by: <email address deleted>

Sven Geggus wrote:
> Matthias Urlichs wrote:
>> We've been blind. Source to these modules is in the "drivers" directory.
> *argh* they don't have the same name as the generated modules, that's why I
> did not find them.
> From a first glance:
> * LCD is connected via SPI (GPIO)
> * hss_comm.ko is doing some kind of serial communication I don#t know if
>   this is just a generic uart or something special.
> Looks like they are using an AT91RM9200 as CPU.
I think thats correct, but they also use a external extra atmel cpu as
'I/O processor'. you will find that the firmware for that cpu is
encrypted in the firmware directory. The LCD is also controlled via that
extra I/O processor
> Remco: just out of curiosity, how does /proc/cpuinfo look like?
Dont know. didnt had a shell on the thing yet.
> Sven

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