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SCC broken? How do I test?
« am: 18 Februar 2017, 10:21:15 »

I've run FHEM on a Pi with an SCC to communicate with about 6 FHT80B for 4 years now.

Recently we remodelled the house and I added two more FHT80B.
Was having the usual trouble with FHT80B going to sleep and the SCC only picking up actuator information.
As per usual I went through the steps on

However for the past few weeks I am getting no information from any of the units.
EDIT To clarify I am not even seeing the actuator information in the FHEM event monitor.
The more I look the more I suspect that I have a problem with the SCC.
How can I test that the SCC unit is actually capable of receiving any radio signals?

Here is info the current page in FHEM for my SCC. You can see it is responding to cconf and there is raw data in the buffer.

DEF   /dev/ttyAMA0@38400 1234
DeviceName /dev/ttyAMA0@38400
FD 10
FHTID 1234
NR 22
STATE Initialized
initString X21


ccconf freq:868.300MHz bWidth:325KHz rAmpl:42dB sens:4dB 2017-02-18 09:08:41
cmds m B C F i A Z G M Y R T V W X e f * l t u x 2017-02-16 13:26:23
raw 1946:412A 1946:412A 2017-02-18 09:14:09
state Initialized 2017-02-16 13:26:23
version V 1.59 CSM868 2017-02-16 13:25:00


rfmode SlowRF

Here is the log I get at startup:

2017.02.18 09:16:43 1: Including fhem.cfg
2017.02.18 09:16:43 3: telnetPort: port 7072 opened
2017.02.18 09:16:44 3: WEB: port 8083 opened
2017.02.18 09:16:44 3: WEBphone: port 8084 opened
2017.02.18 09:16:44 3: WEBtablet: port 8085 opened
2017.02.18 09:16:45 2: eventTypes: loaded 821 events from ./log/eventTypes.txt
2017.02.18 09:16:45 3: Opening SCC device /dev/ttyAMA0
2017.02.18 09:16:45 3: Setting SCC serial parameters to 38400,8,N,1
2017.02.18 09:16:45 3: SCC: Possible commands: mBCFiAZGMYRTVWXef*ltux
2017.02.18 09:16:45 3: SCC device opened
2017.02.18 09:16:49 3: TABLETUI: new ext defined infix:ftui/: dir:./www/tablet:
2017.02.18 09:16:49 3: Registering HTTPSRV TABLETUI for URL /ftui   and assigned link ftui/ ...
2017.02.18 09:16:49 1: Including ./log/
2017.02.18 09:16:49 0: Featurelevel: 5.7
2017.02.18 09:16:49 0: Server started with 54 defined entities ( perl:5.014002 os:linux user:fhem pid:11985)

Which looks ok as far as SCC is concerned.

The yellow LED is flashing slowly on the SCC PCB

Now given that I only have FHT80B units to play with, which are notoriously flaky anyway, what can I do to diagnose my issues further (I do have some unused windows switches too)?
It seems to me like the SCC is not picking up any radio activity at all, as though the aerial is broken?


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Antw:SCC broken? How do I test?
« Antwort #1 am: 18 Februar 2017, 12:43:23 »
The FHT80b to FHZ/CUL protocol is broken, so it is not unusual to be flaky: it needs 6-7 intact RF-messages to transmit one value, and if it fails you can try 15 minutes later. Controlling the valves is on the contrary very stable: 2 messages containing the same information are sent every 2 minutes, there is no ACK. If you do not receive these actuator messages with the ccconf displayed above I am also inclined to believe that the SCC is broken. I would first try to reboot th SCC (by disconnecting/connecting it to the RPi), and then reset the EEPROM with "set SCC raw e". If neither helps, than I have no other ideas.

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Antw:SCC broken? How do I test?
« Antwort #2 am: 21 Februar 2017, 15:11:06 »
Unfortunately neither helped, I think I have to buy a new SCC to test.

Since the FHT80b are so flaky and discontinued what would you recommend as replacement? It would need to work standalone with a boiler switch and use fhem to remote adjust and log. Last time I looked the other systems on the market did not include a boiler switch.


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Antw:SCC broken? How do I test?
« Antwort #3 am: 21 Februar 2017, 17:02:03 »
Sorry, I am not the right guy for recommending.

HomeMatic is the successor of FHT80, if you are choosing it take care not to use HomeMatic IP, which is completely different, encrypted, and only supported by FHEM through a CCU2. MAX is the cheap/"cloud" variant of HomeMatic. HM/MAX both can be controlled by a CUL based device, but the "original" controller  are cheaper and better at it. ZWave does not have "sane" valve controllers, but this is of course my private opinion only :). I don't know the rest.