TRX_LIGHT not generating events correctly....

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I'd like some input from the big chiefs of FHEM. 
I'musing fhem with homebridge and homebridge-fhem and it is working very nicely for the majority of my devices. 
However, for some reason the TRX_LIGHT is not generating events when switched on/off.  This means that home bridge does not update its status.
I've tried to debug this extensively with the author of homebridge-fhem and we are at a loss. 
I thought someone here might be able to take a look..... 

here is the forum with the extensive discussion and debug logs.

I should add that it is working just fine for every other device that I have.

The one thing that I'm going to check on is that it is not the fact that it goes through a fhemtofhem device! my FHTs go through fhemtofhem and i have no problem with these devices...

any ideas appreciated.




ZitatThe one thing that I'm going to check on is that it is not the fact that it goes through a fhemtofhem device!
I am not the TRX Maintainer, but as far I see, TRX is FHEM2FHEM:RAW capable.
FHEM2FHEM might be the source of your problem, so it is a good idea to check the remote FHEM first if there are TRX events generated, and then the local FHEM, if these events are forwarded correctly. Can you please verify if your local installation also has defined a TRX device? It is necessary for the FHEM2FHEM:RAW mode.



Thanks.  I did that and it does exactly the same so there is some underlying issue with the events!   

I bound homebridge-fhem to the raspberry pi which is running fhem and fhem2fhem...  and it still does not work...

although i just had the idea to completely disable fhem2fhem and try... see what happens then..  I might create a dummy installation and see if it works as well.



Hi, I'd like to reopen this topic as I am facing exactly the same issue. TRX devices do not properly report their status into homebridge. Has anyone found a solution?

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