Video streans RTSP to different format with go2rtc , best weblinks?

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I noticed that there is no good solution to view rtsp streams in the browser and fhem.

the project go2rtc ( solves this issue with a simple application.

Now I want to create the weblink in fhem with the still image and clicking the image that the video streams.
In the screenshot the options I can choose.

Any idea how it can be done in fhem?

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Sorry, I have no experience yet in this area.
After reading the documentation, the following might(!) work:
define go2rtc weblink iframe http://my-go2rtc-host:1984/api/stream.mp4?src=camera1
attr go2rtc htmlattr width="480" height="560"
It assumes that in go2rtc you configured camera1, and are usig the http configuration mentioned in the link.

Please share your results.


Thnx that works. Is it also possible that you can click to get is full screen in seperate window?