rfxtrx-e and Luxaflex

Begonnen von HarryT, 22 November 2019, 20:26:47

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I was looking in looking for luxaflex in my house.  The product is with Powerview control, but I can't find any specs about powerview. In the RFXTRX-e docs it is mentioned that it supports Luxaflex, but Powerview is not mentioned.
Does Fhem support Luxaflex/Powerview? Is anybody using Luxaflex/Powerview in combination with RFXTRX?  Any info about how it works?

Thanks for any response?

FHEM 6.3 auf Raspberry Pi3  (1,2 Ghz)
RFXTRX433XL, ZWave, KFL200 and ConBeeIII
Raspberry Pi1 (0,7 Ghz) and Raspberry Pi4 for testing
German reading skills are good.


I checked the RFXTRX SDK - Luxaflex is not (officially) supported... If you get it to work with RFXTRX, then I can make it work with FHEM...


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