Max and Homematic

Begonnen von mflammia1, 25 September 2015, 21:54:29

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I currently have MAX valves and Wall thermostats and needed a way for these to independently call for heat when needed. The plan was to use a radio switch to do this. At first I got an FS20 AS4 but found out through a post and the following link, that although it uses the same frequency it has a different modulation and data rate.

So this time went for a Homematic that has the same frequency, modulation and data rate.....

Does that mean I can get them to run simultaneously in FHEM? I am currently running this on Raspberry Pi using a Busware CC1101 transceiver,

Many thanks in advance.


you need a second transceiver. max and homematic modes are mutualy exklusive. als would be fs20.

you could Switch between modes nur this is not practical for bidirektional protokolls that you also want to receive.
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