[solved]Fan control problem

Begonnen von H3nr1, 07 Mai 2016, 01:21:30

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Hello, i wan't to control my fan. When there is more humidity in my bathroom i wan't the fan to go harder.

([DS2438_A0608D010000:humidity] > 60) DOELSEIF ([DS2438_A0608D010000:humidity] > 50) DOELSE (set ventilation dim 50|35|25

But the last part doesn't work. Who can help me or is there another way of doing this?



first i would test it like the commandref explains it:

DOIF ([DS2438_A0608D010000:humidity] > 60) (set ventilation dim 50)
DOELSEIF ([DS2438_A0608D010000:humidity] > 50) (set ventilation dim 35)
DOELSE (set ventilation dim 25)

when this is running you can try to shorten the definition


Thanks Chris this solution works  ;D