Max heater valve no reaction detection

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Hello fhem/script experten  ;),

Last winter my fhem setup worked like a charm, except for some valves who did follow the controls of the EQ3 actuators.
From time to time, there was a water valve who was stuck and did not let the temperature rise as instructed by the actuator.

Now for the real question: it should be possible to generate a warning if the temperature not rises when demanded, right?
I have no clue how to trigger/fix this.

Help will be appreciated!


No-one is having this same issue?

Should I give it a try in the German MAX topic?


You could compare every 15 minutes measured-temperatures during your heating period. If they are not changing, trigger an alarm.

Should be easy with DOIF.
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I missed your first post but you may already know that ordinary thermostatic valves sometimes stick closed, usually after doing little work over summer. They can usually be revived by removing the head then moving the pin up and down using pliers or similar, taking care not to damage the pin of course.
Same happens when the head is replaced with eQ3 actuator though may be lessened by decalcification action once a week.

If you are looking for a script then pehapsüberwachung might be useful as a basis modified to work the way Morgennebel suggetss
Feel free to follow up in German if you prefer