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I am using Fhem on a Pi to control 5 No. EQ-3 Max TRVs via a Busware COC. I would like to add 5 No. 1-wire temperature sensors to the system but I am unable to get it working.

I am using the 1-wire port on the COC. It works with 4 sensors but always fails when I add number 5. Either the 1-wire interface will fail or the communication with the TRVs will fail.

I have read that the COC is not the best with 1-wire and have seen mention of max 4 sensors.

I can read the 5 sensors fine via gpio on another Pi running Fhem so I am wondering if there is anyway to link two fhem servers?




FHEM2FHEM is one of the alternetives.
Take care, that the RAW Method depends on the modules in question only using Dispatch and IOWrite. I am not sure if this is the case with the 1wire modules you use. The LOG mode will work in any case.


Thanks for the reply. FHEM2FHEM is just what I needed.  I have used the LOG method successfully, I haven't tried the RAW method yet.

In case it helps others I did the following to share temperature data (1 wire using GPIO4) from one Pi to another Pi.

On the Pi without the sensors I entered the following

define RemotePI FHEM2FHEM LOG:.*
(where the IP address is that of the Pi with the sensors)

define GPIO4_DS1820_000802a05ca7 dummy
(where GPIO.... is the name of a sensor defined on the other Pi)

define GPIO4_DS1820_000802a05ca7_notify notify GPIO4_DS1820_000802a05ca7 { $EVENT=~s/://;;;; fhem("setreading GPIO4_DS1820_000802a05ca7 $EVENT") ;;;; my $ GPIO4_DS1820_000802a05ca7_T= ReadingsVal("GPIO4_DS1820_000802a05ca7","temperature",0) ;;;; fhem("setreading GPIO4_DS1820_000802a05ca7 state T: $ GPIO4_DS1820_000802a05ca7_T")}

Thanks to for the details


You do not need the notify if you have an up-to-date FHEM2FHEM.
- the readings are set automatically if there is a device with the same name.
- you can use the stateFormat attribute to update the state.