English / french versions of the forum ?

Begonnen von oliv06, 04 Januar 2013, 23:26:00

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Would it be possible to have an english version of the forum : it is very difficult to navigate if you do not understand german
It would also be nice to open an english subsection
Thanks a lot !

Martin Fischer

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Markus Bloch

Maybe you should put a german and an english description for each channel in this forum, so that also the english question will be raised in the correct channel.

I don't think that everyone see a new post in this english corner if it is on the bottom of the startpage.

That is the main reason for this forum, to split up all the different topics. I don't see why we should not do this also for the english speaking users?

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I agree with this : Finally I posted in the different channels (not in the english one) because it seems to me it will be more visible to people interested in the topic. (I added an english flag to indicate that content is in english)

It was easy for me to translate (google) the channel description, but yes, it would be easier if every channel had the description in english as well.

What was difficult was :
- to register (google translate does not work on these pages)
- to post for the first time (buttons are not translated)

My initial request was to have the possibility to have an english flag button that makes the buttons, field description, etc. to appear in english, byut I suppose it is difficult to achieve if the forum code was not though that way from the beginning


This forum is based on a seemingly sparsely spread software, at least I never saw it before (and I'm reading a LOT). It was chosen due to its capabilities of syncing content with newsgroups, as far as I understood.

Anyway, it seems to me this functionality is no longer required, so eventually the board software may be changed in the future.
Most of these support user-selectable multiple languages (e.g. MyBB (www.mybb.com, www.mybboard.de) which is free software) which includes translated buttons, of course.
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