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show temperature / measuredTemperature at devices list, not desiredTemperature

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I am missing measuredTemperature value at HeatingThermostat (HT) details web page (was shown as "temperature" in old version, now it seems that it is only shown at HT which is not paired with Wall Thermosat (WT) ) and I would also like to see this temperature (and WT temperature) in MAX room devices list, I don't want to see desiredTemperature as "state", I want to see actual "temperature" of Heating and Wall thermostats.  It was possible with old MAX file version, but since I am using SVN version, I am having those new files ...

I did this:

--- Code: ------ FHEM/10_MAX.pm      (revision 24678)
+++ FHEM/10_MAX.pm      (working copy)
@@ -1602,6 +1602,7 @@
     #Sometime we get an MAX_Parse MAX,1,ThermostatState,01090d,180000000000, where desiredTemperature is 0 - ignore it

     readingsBulkUpdate($shash, "temperature", MAX_SerializeTemperature($measuredTemperature)) if ($measuredTemperature ne "");
+    $shash->{'.temperature'}=$measuredTemperature if ($measuredTemperature ne "");
     if (!AttrVal($shash->{NAME},'externalSensor',''))
     {readingsBulkUpdate($shash, "deviation", sprintf("%.1f",($measuredTemperature-$shash->{'.desiredTemperature'}))) if ($shash->{'.desiredTemperature'} && $measuredTemperature);}
@@ -1692,6 +1693,7 @@
       $temperature = ((($desiredTemperatureRaw &0x80)<<1) + $temperature)/10;  # auch Temperaturen über 25.5 °C werden angezeigt !
+      $shash->{'.temperature'}=$temperature;
       Log3 $hash, 5, $shash->{NAME}.", desiredTemperature : $shash->{'.desiredTemperature'}, temperature : $temperature";
       readingsBulkUpdate($shash, "temperature", sprintf("%.1f",$temperature));
       readingsBulkUpdate($shash, "deviation",   sprintf("%.1f", ($temperature-$shash->{'.desiredTemperature'})));
@@ -1938,6 +1940,7 @@
   #$state = $shash->{'.desiredTemperature'}.$c if (exists($shash->{'.desiredTemperature'}));

   $state = $shash->{'.desiredTemperature'} if (exists($shash->{'.desiredTemperature'}));
+  $state = $shash->{'.temperature'} if (exists($shash->{'.temperature'}));
   $state = ($shash->{'.isopen'}) ? 'opened' : 'closed' if (exists($shash->{'.isopen'}));

   if ($shash->{devtype} > 5)

--- Ende Code ---

To show at least the temperature at MAX room  devices list where the temperature is known,but I am still missing the measuredTemperature of HT, which is paired with WT


Some update to shown temperatures - looks like after some time HeatingThersmostat (HT) is showing temperature, but it's not HT's measuredTemperature, but temperature of WallThermostat (in last post I wrote, that only HTs which are not paired with WT have "temperature")

THX4Info, I will check this

edit stateFormat to:

State                     : state °C<br/>
Temperature         : temperature °C<br/>

If you do not need the state just erase it.


I do have the same issue.
After updating FHEM I cannot see in the list the actual temperature rather I can see the desired temperature.
Is there anything I can change to have the measure temperature back to my FHEM overview?


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