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Thermostats too close to Cube/CUL can cause issues too as well as any other kind of interference (not necessarily the same frequency or even radio inteference), two or more devices trying to tramsmit at the same time etc.
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You can't just increase the antenna length as that can give worse results.  See

There are some values you can adjust in the CUL, at least in fhem.  The help says

Use it with care, it may destroy your hardware and it even may be illegal to do so. Note: The parameters used for RFR transmission are not affected.
freq sets both the reception and transmission frequency. Note: Although the CC1101 can be set to frequencies between 315 and 915 MHz, the antenna interface and the antenna of the CUL is tuned for exactly one frequency. Default is 868.3 MHz (or 433 MHz)
bWidth can be set to values between 58 kHz and 812 kHz. Large values are susceptible to interference, but make possible to receive inaccurately calibrated transmitters. It affects tranmission too. Default is 325 kHz.
rAmpl is receiver amplification, with values between 24 and 42 dB. Bigger values allow reception of weak signals. Default is 42.
sens is the decision boundary between the on and off values, and it is 4, 8, 12 or 16 dB. Smaller values allow reception of less clear signals. Default is 4 dB.

The other thing to look at is the positioning of the cube.  Solid wall are hard to get rf through.  Stud walls are easy as are floors and ceilings as long as the don't use silver backed plasterboard.


Thanx a lot for informations...

Will try to place my Cube at different spot...

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