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Strange behavior with KNX light
« am: 29 Juni 2020, 15:56:43 »
When you create a new light  like this :
defmod buanderie.light KNX 1/0/15:dpt1.001:switch:nosuffix \
attr buanderie.light IODev KNX
attr buanderie.light alexaName buanderie
attr buanderie.light alias Buanderie
attr buanderie.light devStateIcon on:on:off off:off:on
attr buanderie.light genericDeviceType light
attr buanderie.light group Eclairage
attr buanderie.light icon scene_laundry_room
attr buanderie.light room Buanderie,KNX
attr buanderie.light webCmd on:off

in fhemweb gui, below the set function, there is no 'set <DEVICE> on', only 'set <DEVICE> switch on' is available.
(set <Device> on works fine in telnet however)
also Alexa-fhem will not detect the light properly :
[2020-6-29 15:44:48] [FHEM] buanderie.light is light
[2020-6-29 15:44:48] [FHEM] buanderie.light has
[2020-6-29 15:44:48] [FHEM] buanderie.light will not send proactive events
[2020-6-29 15:44:48] [FHEM] buanderie.light uses ID: 5edb35c0-f33f-1ff9-94e8-1bb2a91be551a925

The way to resolve this is for Alexa to add homebridgemapping...


if you add eventMap
attr buanderie.light eventMap on:on off:offrefresh the fhemweb page,

then delete eventMap attributes, 
now it is possible to do set <device> on via the gui

and alexa detect the light properly.
[2020-6-29 15:54:59] [FHEM] buanderie.light is light
[2020-6-29 15:54:59] [FHEM] buanderie.light has
[2020-6-29 15:54:59] [FHEM]   On [state;on,off]
[2020-6-29 15:54:59] [FHEM] buanderie.light will not send proactive events
[2020-6-29 15:54:59] [FHEM] buanderie.light uses ID: 5edb35c0-f33f-1ff9-94e8-1bb2a91be551a925

So I think this is probably a bug/issue somewhere in device creation.
Could you check to have these on off command properly created ?