Connect to FHEM from own software?

Begonnen von kennybl, 27 September 2020, 18:15:53

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Is it possible to connect to FHEM on the same server (raspberry pi) using my own software?
Maybe via PHP, python, javascript etc?

I would like to be able to set desired temperatures to my MAX! radiator thermostats and if possible read the temperatures as accurate (and quickly) as possible?
Do i need telnet or is there a better way to achieve this?



you could achieve this via telnet, but it could be also done over http. I wrote a small set of scripts to be care about the csrf token.
You could use any FHEM commandline syntax like set, get or {perl} commands and you will get the response.

For some programming languages there will be also a kind of API libs available.

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Yes. Apart from the REST API (which is not very well documented, but some good ideas are given here:
there is also a Python connector to FHEM.




Thank you, I will look after that, now I first have to solve some other problems  :o (,114896.0.html).


I'd recommend using mqtt for communication among FHEM and other applications. Standardized, simple, supported by fhem and you've got large variety of libs to choose from in your $favourite language ;)

I'm running a custom serial protocol (over RS485) for my switches in my house and using a custom piece of software attached to the serial interfaces translates commands coming from the switches to mqtt.
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Always nice to get recommendations from FHEM newbies...