RFY Somfy "all devices" unicode 00

Begonnen von xypzo, 11 Januar 2021, 13:30:29

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I am having some troubles with my Somfy blinds.
defmod RolgordijnBeide TRX_LIGHT RFY 0F1F1000 light
attr RolgordijnBeide IODev RFXTRX
attr RolgordijnBeide cmdIcon up:fts_shutter_10 stop:fts_shutter_50 down:fts_shutter_100
attr RolgordijnBeide devStateIcon down:fts_shutter_100@red:down stop:fts_shutter_50@orange:stop up:fts_shutter_10@green:up
attr RolgordijnBeide devStateStyle style="text-align:left"
attr RolgordijnBeide group Zonwering
attr RolgordijnBeide icon fts_shutter_60@#d9b38c
attr RolgordijnBeide room Favourites,verdieping
attr RolgordijnBeide verbose 4
attr RolgordijnBeide webCmd up:down:stop

setstate RolgordijnBeide stop
setstate RolgordijnBeide 2021-01-11 13:25:31 state stop

So this used to work fine, i have 2 blinds, 0F1F1001 and 0F1F1002, they work independently. But I used to be able to use the 0F1F1000 to control both at the same time.
This does not work anymore, should i teach-in the allunits as well? This is not possible for me as i dont have a multiple-channel RTS remote...


kick, still really need help with this issue... Please?