radiator actuator for FHEM

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I have conrad's standalone radiator actuator: http://www.conrad.de/ce/de/product/570056/FS20-Funk-Stellantrieb-einzeln-868-MHz
which unfortunately does not work very well (resets itself every few weeks, falls off once in a while, etc).

I was wondering if there is any other radiator actuator that could be remote controlled (I just need on-off functionality, no temperature setting on the actual valve) through FHEM (I am using raspberry Pi+CUL module)?



As far as I know, you have the following possibilities with FHEM:
- the FHT system from ELV/eQ3 (your device mentioned below is part of this)
- the HomeMatic system from ELV/eQ3. AFAIK you cannot control the valves directly in FHEM, you need the thermostat (HM-CC-TC). The actuator hardware is more or less the same as with FHZ.
- the MAX system from ELV/eQ3
- the EnOcean system has the MD15
- I'd expect that the ZWave system also has a device for the purpose, but I've not encountered one yet.

For the first 3 systems you can use the CUL.


Hi Rudolf,

thanks for the quick answer.

1. As far as I can tell, this unit (http://www.elv.de/elv-funk-elektronik-thermostat-eth-comfort200.html) cannot be switched on or off remotely. However, the same result could be achieved by setting the target temp to min or max, would that work and be correct?

2. Similar goes for the ZWave unit Living connect from Danfoss, which only allows setting target temp: http://danfoss.ipapercms.dk/Heating/AutoGen/26495_28599/



l. According to my knowledge the ETH200 ist NOT supported by FHEM
2. From the linked description I assume that some of the offered functionality is not available out of the box in FHEM.


Ok, is there another MAX radiator valve/thermostat that is supported?