complex example fhem.cfg files

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The examples in the standard documentation are so limited. So I'm asking who is willing to share his config here. (maybe replace some of the codes to keep things private).

More then one I've been looking for a way to define stuff properly, but could not find clear working examples....

SMSPassword redundant two-factor authentication for Netscaler, Vmware View, Cisco, Juniper, etc via SMS


Take a look at the contrib/FHEM_demo.tar.gz package, it contains a more complex example (although without hardware devices). Note: as it is a contrib file, it is not available via update, only via SVN or the nightly tarball (see the download section on


You mean this one:

attr global autoload_undefined_devices 1
attr global backup_before_update 0
attr global logfile -
attr global modpath .
attr global motd FHEM demo version
attr global room System
attr global sendStatistics never
attr global statefile ./demolog/
attr global updateInBackground 1
attr global userattr Light Light_map devStateIcon devStateStyle icon sortby structexclude webCmd
attr global verbose 3

define telnetPort telnet 7072 global
attr telnetPort room System

define WEB FHEMWEB 8083 global
attr WEB iconPath openautomation:fhemSVG
attr WEB room System

define WEBphone FHEMWEB 8084 global
attr WEBphone room System
attr WEBphone stylesheetPrefix smallscreen

define WEBtablet FHEMWEB 8085 global
attr WEBtablet iconPath openautomation:fhemSVG
attr WEBtablet room System
attr WEBtablet stylesheetPrefix ios7

# Fake FileLog entry, to access the fhem log from FHEMWEB
define Logfile FileLog ./log/fhem-%Y-%m.log fakelog
attr Logfile room System

define autocreate autocreate
attr autocreate room System
define et eventTypes demolog/eventTypes.txt
attr et room System
define CUL_0 CUL none 0000
attr CUL_0 dummy 1
attr CUL_0 room System
define Outdoor FS20 1234 11
attr Outdoor Light AllLights
attr Outdoor group Single Lights
attr Outdoor icon light_outdoor
attr Outdoor room Light
define Office FS20 1234 12
attr Office Light AllLights
attr Office group Single Lights
attr Office icon light_office
attr Office model fs20st
attr Office room Light
define Livingroom FS20 1234 13
attr Livingroom Light AllLights
attr Livingroom eventMap off:dim0% on:dim100%
attr Livingroom group Single Lights
attr Livingroom icon light_pendant_light
attr Livingroom model fs20di
attr Livingroom room Light
attr Livingroom webCmd dim
define AllLights structure Light Alarm Livingroom Office Outdoor
attr AllLights devStateIcon undefined:light_question
attr AllLights group Structure
attr AllLights icon light_light
attr AllLights room Light
define Alarm FS20 1234 14
attr Alarm Light AllLights
attr Alarm follow-on-for-timer 1
attr Alarm group Single Lights
attr Alarm icon light_wall_2
attr Alarm room Light
attr Alarm webCmd blink 5 1
define Garden KS300 1234
attr Garden group Sensors
attr Garden room Sensors
define Log.Garden FileLog demolog/garden.log Sens.Out:T:.*
attr Log.Garden room Sensors
define Cellar CUL_WS 1 -1 -3.5
attr Cellar group Sensors
attr Cellar room Sensors
define SVG_01_Garden SVG Log.Garden:SVG_01_Garden:CURRENT
attr SVG_01_Garden label "Temp: Min $data{min1}, Max $data{max1}, Last $data{currval1}"
attr SVG_01_Garden room Sensors
attr SVG_01_Garden startDate 2013-08-13
define Log.Cellar FileLog demolog/cellar.log Cellar:T:.*
attr Log.Cellar room Sensors
define SVG_02_Cellar SVG Log.Cellar:SVG_02_Cellar:CURRENT
attr SVG_02_Cellar label "Temp: Min $data{min1}, Max $data{max1}, Last $data{currval1}"
attr SVG_02_Cellar room Sensors
attr SVG_02_Cellar startDate 2013-08-13
define Log.Dewpoint FileLog demolog/dewpoint.log .*dewpoint.*
attr Log.Dewpoint room Sensors
define dew_all dewpoint dewpoint .*
attr dew_all group Helper
attr dew_all room Sensors
define SVG_03_Dewpoint SVG Log.Dewpoint:SVG_03_Dewpoint:CURRENT
attr SVG_03_Dewpoint room Sensors
attr SVG_03_Dewpoint startDate 2013-08-13
define sunRise at *{sunrise()} set Office on
attr sunRise group Timer
attr sunRise icon weather_sunrise
attr sunRise room Light
define sunSet at *{sunset()} set Office off
attr sunSet group Timer
attr sunSet icon weather_sunset
attr sunSet room Light
define outdoorNotifier notify Outdoor:.* set Office $EVENT
attr outdoorNotifier group Notify
attr outdoorNotifier icon light_ceiling_light
attr outdoorNotifier room Light

define Projector dummy
attr Projector devStateIcon on:control_on_off:off off:control_home:on
attr Projector group AV
attr Projector room Cinema
attr Projector setList on:noArg off:noArg
attr Projector webCmd on:off
define TV dummy
attr TV devStateIcon on:control_on_off:off off:control_home:on
attr TV group AV
attr TV room Cinema
attr TV setList on:noArg off:noArg
attr TV webCmd on:off
define Screen dummy
attr Screen devStateIcon down:fts_garage_door_100:up up:fts_garage_door_10:down
attr Screen group AV
attr Screen room Cinema
attr Screen setList up:noArg down:noArg
attr Screen webCmd down:up
define CeilingLight FS20 0001 01
attr CeilingLight eventMap off:dim0% on:dim100%
attr CeilingLight group Light
attr CeilingLight icon light_ceiling_light
attr CeilingLight model dummyDimmer
attr CeilingLight room Cinema
attr CeilingLight webCmd on:off:dim
define ReadingLight FS20 0001 02
attr ReadingLight eventMap off:dim0% on:dim100%
attr ReadingLight group Light
attr ReadingLight icon light_floor_lamp
attr ReadingLight room Cinema
attr ReadingLight webCmd on:off:dim
define wlCinema weblink htmlCode {LightScene_2html("lcCinema")}
attr wlCinema room Cinema
define lcCinema LightScene Projector Screen TV CeilingLight ReadingLight
attr lcCinema alias Scenes
attr lcCinema devStateIcon AllOff:control_home Break:rc_PAUSE Cinema:scene_cinema WatchTV:it_television
attr lcCinema group Control
attr lcCinema icon scene_scene
attr lcCinema room Cinema
attr lcCinema webCmd scene

It's a good begining, but it don't have no structures...

Thnx anyways...
SMSPassword redundant two-factor authentication for Netscaler, Vmware View, Cisco, Juniper, etc via SMS


AllLights is a structure as far as I see.